Our Services

Hyde Construction in North Alabama specializes in a wide range of land development and heavy equipment services.
With a strong commitment to quality and precision, we excel in transforming raw land into functional, well-designed spaces.
Below is a brief overview of our core services and offerings:
Site Prep / Pad Construction
We specialize in site preparation and pad construction, ensuring a solid foundation for your residential, commercial, or industrial structures. Our expertise guarantees that your project starts on a stable and secure base.
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Clearing & Land Development
Hyde Construction is your trusted partner for land clearing and development. Our skilled team uses state-of-the-art equipment to clear and prepare your property for various projects, ensuring a clean slate for your vision to come to life.
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Construct / Design Private Ponds
Create serene and picturesque private ponds with Hyde Construction. Our team combines technical expertise with artistic design to craft beautiful and functional ponds that enhance your property’s aesthetics and value.
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Build / Expand Private Lakes
Building or Expanding Private Lakes: If you’re looking to create or expand private lakes, Hyde Construction has the experience and equipment to make it happen. We handle every aspect of lake construction, from excavation to lining and landscaping, to provide you with a stunning aquatic oasis.
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All Heavy Equipment Services
At Hyde Construction, we’re well-equipped to handle everything that involves heavy machinery. Our fleet of specialized equipment and skilled operators can tackle excavation, grading, hauling, and more, ensuring efficient and precise results for your projects.
Buy / Sell Heavy Equipment
We understand the importance of having the right tools for the job. Hyde Construction offers a platform for buying and selling heavy equipment, connecting businesses and individuals with quality machinery to meet their construction and landscaping needs.